HeliService USA is proud to be the first and only helicopter operator supporting the development of offshore wind in the United States. We have a proven track record of performance having been ready for our customers on-time and are currently serving all developers and major tier-1 suppliers. It is a privilege to be leading from the front of such an important new industry, providing our customers with the highest levels of standards and service.

HeliService USA is a Veteran owned and operated business, staffed locally, with over fifty percent of our employees having served in the military. As a first of its kind operation in the United States, working in an industry already well established in Europe, HeliService USA recognized the need and competitive advantage of bringing the experience and know-how of a proven operator to the table.

We’re proud to have partnered with HeliService Germany, the world’s leading helicopter operator in the offshore wind market. HeliService USA has been able to build off their over three decades in operation, supporting offshore wind customers with crew-transfer, hoisting, cargo, and helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS).

HeliService USA team photo, a HeliService helicopter in background

One team and one goal.

Leadership team

CEO & Founder

Director of Business Operations & Marketing

Director of Operations

Director of Maintenance

Safety Manager

Director of Sales & Business Development

Lead Communication Specialist

Ground Ops Manager

Director of Finance & IT

Michael Tosi

CEO / Managing Director

Our CEO and founder Michael Tosi is an experienced leader, entrepreneur, and pilot. With a lifelong passion for aviation, he started flying in his teens while pursuing an undergraduate degree in business and marketing. Upon graduation he joined the Air Force as a Combat Search and Rescue helicopter pilot where he deployed to Iraq and the Horn of Africa, flew Civil Search & Rescue missions in Alaska, and supported multiple disaster relief efforts around the world.

Eager to enter the private sector, Michael founded his first company in his mid-twenties – A helicopter tour, instruction, and Part 135 charter company serving Southern Rhode Island. Fortuitously, the company’s most popular tour flew directly over the Block Island Wind Farm as it was being constructed by large vessels with helidecks that were notably going unused. Offshore helicopter operations providing wind turbine hoist and crew-change services are tremendously complex and no such service existed in United States. It was in large part from this exposure and subsequent research that led Michael to the foundation of HeliService USA and a technical partnership with HeliService GmbH to safely provide these services to the nascent offshore wind industry in the United Sates.

In addition to managing HeliService USA, Michael is an active member of the helicopter community – He’s a contributor to Vertical Magazine, manages a substantial social media presence (@jolly_pilot) with over 50k followers, and serves in the Air Force part-time as a Major and Aircraft Commander for the New York Air National Guard flying the HH-60G Pavehawk Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter.

Sophie Krenn

Director of Business Operations

The aviation industry is everchanging and requires both critical thinking and adaptability. As the Director of Business Operations, Sophie Krenn helps shape the mission and culture of HeliService USA as it grows in the offshore sector. Sophie has a diverse background ranging from law, economics, and business. She completed her Business Law degree at the Vienna University of Economics and Business before furthering her education as a Fulbright scholar at Columbia University in New York. Before joining the HeliService USA team, Sophie was a Legal and Sales assistant to the CEO at Swimsol, an international Solar energy company with a business concentration in the tropics. She also served as an advisor at the Austrian Mission to the United Nations, reporting on economic and fiscal policy and global impact of migration. Sophie now helps steer the overall business operation at HeliService USA with a focus on legal, compliance, and marketing strategy.

Paul Russo

Director of Operations

Our Director of Operations brings extensive experience and a distinguished career in both civilian and military aviation. Prior to joining HeliService USA, Paul served as the Search & Rescue Chief Pilot at Bristow Group, overseeing missions in the Gulf of Mexico, Guyana, and Trinidad and served as an SK-92 and AW-139 SAR Captain. At CHI Aviation, he held positions as an SK-92 SAR Captain and Lead Standardization Pilot, flying and operating the SK-92 helicopter for search and rescue operations.

In his military career with the U.S. Coast Guard, Paul served as a Pilot in Command of the MH-60T helicopter, leading crews in diverse missions such as search and rescue, medevac, counter-narcotics flights across the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico regions. He also served as the Chief Pilot for the TH-57 Rotary Wing aircraft at Naval Air Station Whiting Field , providing instruction and training to Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Allied Student Aviators. Additionally, Paul flew the AH-64A helicopter as an Instructor/Evaluator in the U.S. Army, and the AH-1F helicopter in support of The Republic of South Korea.

Jacob Lewis

Director of Maintenance

Our Director of Maintenance brings a diverse background in civil and military search and rescue (SAR) operations, maintenance, and inspections. He served as the SAR Program Manager at PHI Helicopters, developing comprehensive SAR strategies and protocols. With expertise on various helicopter models, including SH92, AW139, S76, BK117, AW109, AW119, EC135, EC145, and EC225, he offers valuable knowledge to HeliService USA.

Previously, Jacob excelled at CHI Aviation/Bristow Group as a SAR Manager, Chief Crewman, and ALSE Manager, overseeing SAR operations. He also held a role as a Quality Control Inspector at ERA Helicopters, specializing in the AW139 and ensuring effective communication for audits.

With a military background as a UH-60 Helicopter Repairer in the U.S. Army, Jacob gained extensive experience in UH-60 Blackhawk maintenance and repair, serving in various roles including Phase Team Lead, Maintenance Technician, and Crew Chief.

Johann Sweitzer

Safety Manager

Our Safety Manager grew up in Rhode Island, right next to our base operations, bringing a deep understanding of the local aviation landscape. With a wealth of experience as both a base safety manager and a Single Pilot IFR, he possesses the expertise to uphold the highest standards of safety within HeliService USA. Furthermore, he boasts six years of experience as a HAA Single Pilot IFR, demonstrating his proficiency in high-stress and time-sensitive operations.

Johann’s extensive background includes several years serving as a base safety manager at Seven Bars Aviation, where he played a vital role in ensuring operational safety and implementing quality training programs. He diligently ensures that all pilots meet the required competency standards, while actively contributing to the development of training protocols and procedures.

Chris Campo

Director of Sales & Business Development

As the Director of Sales & Business Development, Chris Campo brings a wealth of experience and strategic vision to our dynamic team. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional customer service and leadership, he is a seasoned professional in the sales domain. After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Tampa, Chris spent nearly a decade working his way up the ranks at Seacoast Supply Inc., a reliability-based service provider focusing primarily on the energy and industrial markets. It was during these years that he learned to solve complex problems and to always put the customer’s needs first.

Intrigued with the emerging US offshore wind industry, Chris was recruited to lead the first wind office in the US for Survitec Group, one of the world’s largest offshore survival technology manufacturers. From this post he built the US client base, supply chain, and service procedures. Chris also supported our PAX and crew PPE program for the launch of helicopter operations before officially joining our team in 2023.

Hana Beauregard

Lead Communication Specialist

Hana Beauregard, the Lead Communications Specialist at HeliService USA, has been instrumental since the company’s inception in June 2023. With a solid background in general aviation, Hana adeptly manages this fast-paced environment, leading the dispatch office with grace. Passionate about helicopter operations, she brings dedication and expertise to her role at HeliService USA.

Andrew Estus

Ground Ops Manager

Andrew Estus serves as the Ground Operations Manager and Communications Specialist at HeliService USA. Originating from South Kingstown, Rhode Island, Andrew is a recent graduate of Bridgewater State University’s Aviation Science program, with a specialization in aviation management, and a minor in General Management. His deep-seated passion for aviation drives his enthusiasm, bringing fresh energy and expertise to the team.

Ken Porter

Director of Finance

With an interest in business and a passion for computers making business processes more efficient, Ken attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA, for a BS in Accounting. His passions drew him to accounting, management and computer programming courses. Ken comes from a family rich in military service, so while in college he joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC).

Ken graduated Northeastern University with a degree in Accounting and Management and a commission in the US Army Reserve – Quartermaster Branch. During his reserve duty service, Kenwas assigned as the platoon leader for a Helicopter Repair Parts Platoon in an Army Reserve Supply Co. Ken attended Quartermaster Officer’s Basic Course in Virgina and then Airborne School in Georgia. Ken continued his education at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA and graduated with an MBA in Computer Information Systems.
College internships and post graduate employment provided Ken much experience in accounting roles. After Ken’s present employer was purchased and moved to California, Ken had the unique opportunity to work for the ERP software company his employer was using, and Ken took a role teaching and supporting accountants and other business and IT professionals implement ERP financial software for their business. Over the years Ken has worked for ASK Computer Systems, Computer Associates, Storage Apps, Hewlett-Packard, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Ken has spent many years managing both financial and technical teams, before coming to HeliService USA as the Head of Finance and IT.